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Why You Want Personal Decorating Services For Your Lake Worth, FL Home Or Business

October 7, 2016 at 8:10 pm | Category: Decorating Services

Modern loungeroom with decorator furnishings and high end dining and kitchen

Personal means in-person, one-on-one, up close, and at your location personal attention. Using a Lake Worth decorating service is worlds different than trying an online interior design service or getting advice from a salesman. Have Paintbrush Will Travel offers in-person professional decorating service to Lake Worth home and commercial business owners. Our designers help customers every day with interior and exterior design. We love what we do to help customers create a beautiful design that’s truly inspired by their own tastes, desires, and ideas. Our painting Contractors in Lake Worth work closely with the customer to bring out their own unique style.

Why Choose Professional Lake Worth Decorating Services

You have a real person to talk to – When a designer comes to your home or business to help you with decorating, they are there to answer any questions and offer suggestions. This experience gives you the information needed to ensure your new space is exactly what you hope and expect it to be.

Things fit right – Have you ever ordered curtains or other window treatments online only to find they don’t fit? This is very common. Professional designers know how all types of window treatments work when installed. Some drapes and curtains gather at the top differently. They can look way different than the picture if there aren’t enough panels to fit the window. It’s also common for the window measurement to be off, so the drapes or blinds don’t fit at all. With professional decorating service, everything fits as it should including area rugs, furniture, and accessories.

Your colors are true – Have you ever tried to pick out color from a swatch? It’s near impossible to see what the fabric or paint color will really look like until it’s there in the space. Professional designers know how to choose color, texture, and materials. This decorating service ensures the colors, patterns, and textures look fabulous once they’re in place.

Avoid problems that cost – There’s nothing worse than having to repaint the interior or exterior again because it doesn’t look good. It’s not easy for most people to pick out a color scheme. That meadow green turned out too dark, or that gray had weird pink undertones. Don’t make mistakes that cost, hire a Lake worth decorating service to avoid them.

Lake Worth Decorating Service Keeps Your Project On Track

It’s very common for a project to get off track when it’s left to the owner to plan and execute. With professional decorating service, the entire design plan is detailed prior to the start of the project.

Everything has to be ironed out beforehand so the project is completed as planned, on time, and on budget.

If you would like to learn more about our Lake Worth Decorating Service, please call 561-502-3722 or complete our online request form.

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